Bruno Graizzaro

Managing Partner

Boston Office


Our firm takes a process-oriented approach to every engagement, implementing controls and standards, automation and a diverse team of professionals to assure quality and efficiency while contributing to containing or reducing external costs to our clients.

Insurance Claims Investigation
Our skilled accountants have experience in this field and can collectively handle any conceivable issue that may arise during the process. The primary area of insurance claims is the measurement of damages. We have been involved in claims for property damage, loss of income or profits, employee dishonesty, builders’ risk, jewelers’ block, asbestos abatement, marine and ocean loss and bankruptcy claims.

Forensic Accounting and Investigation
Our staff have consulted on engagements involving financial statement fraud, accounting irregularities, corporate and white collar fraud, Ponzi schemes and securities fraud. We have worked with members of the FBI and other authorities (IRS, DEA, etc.) during our diverse engagements.

Litigation and Dispute Consulting
We provide services related to litigation support for attorneys, law firms and in-house legal counsel including assistance with early case assessment, case strategy, damage claims assessments, post-acquisition disputes, accounting-related interrogatories and alternative dispute resolutions.

Expert Witness
Our accountants have been engaged to analyze business records and present their findings to a variety of tribunal venues. Whether it be federal or state court rooms, or an arbitration or mediation, our aim is to present clear and convincing information while helping our clients seek fair remedies to issues that are many times unclear and elusive. We have also served as panelists to both trade groups and insurers.